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Beauty, joy, light, emotional, fear of the unknown, creation, miracle, expectations and much more. I could go on and on adding so many words to try and describe this moment, but I better not. This is one of those moments in life that is best to only feel all the crazy emotions than to try to put in to words.
This is what the images here below represent.  A beautiful mother to be, enjoying her moment, celebrating with images that will last her a life time.

Big thanks to our beautiful mother to be, Photo Finish Makeup and Aleksandrovna Bridal Fascinators & Head Pieces.


Adriana Watson

Adriana Watson

Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Wedding and Portrait Photographer at Adriana Watson Photography
Adriana Watson

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  1. Gorgeous photos of mum and bubs. Natural, elegant and inspiring images xx.

  2. Adriana Watson on

    Thank you so much for you lovely comment 🙂

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