Noosa North Shore Retreat Weddings

Noosa North Shore Retreat Weddings

Noosa North Shore Retreat Weddings – Jake and Joni

Noosa North Shore Retreat Weddings, was the perfect venue for Jake and Joni’s big day!

These lovebirds met when they were in high school. After 8 years together Jake popped the question on Joni’s birthday. As the perfect scenery Jake chose the lookout at the beautiful Kondalilla falls in Montville, and the rest is history.

Jake and Joni’s Sunshine Coast wedding was shared with their closest friends and family, a very intimate fun wedding.
A few words from Joni:
What made you choose your wedding venue?

I grew up camping there with my family so it was a special spot for me and for Jake he loves the beach. Also the first place we went as a family and I introduced Jake to our family camping trips.

How would you describe your overall wedding experience?

I was very relaxed and “in the moment” Jake was very nervous haha. Very emotional and overwhelming feeling of love.
Is there anything you would have done differently?

Definitely not!

What photography related advice would you offer to a couple?

Be yourself and live in the moment, choose a photographer who’s photographs grab you. Trust your own judgement!

What tip would offer to a couple planning their wedding?

All the planning in the world cannot predict the future – plans can go out the window in a day. Sit with your loved one before you start planning and talk about the things that are important to the both of you. Take advice but don’t let it take you over – stick to your original plan. Let the little things go with a smile and always above everything else remember that it’s is now, will be then and will be forever about the love you have for one another 🙂

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Joni and Jake’s dream team!

Celebrant – Jackie Ericson

 Florist –  First Class Functions

Makeup artist –  Makeup4brides by Erica Cecchin

Hair –  Hair Review by Carrie Paterson

Dress –  Casar

Styling –  First Class Functions

Adriana Watson

Adriana Watson

Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Wedding and Portrait Photographer at Adriana Watson Photography
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